New World Handicap System Explained

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President’s Prize to the Men

President, Jane Cremin, presenting the President’s Prize to the men winner Mark Maybury

President’s Prize to the Ladies

President, Jane Cremin, presenting the President’s Prize to the ladies winner Jean Jago

Presentation of Overend Trophy

Captain Roger Acton presenting the Overend Trophy to the winners Simon Davis and his son George

Presentation of Lady Captain’s Prize

The winner of the Centenary Cup and in first place in the Lady Captain’s Prize, on a spectacular day, was Helene Duignan with 74 strokes.  Anne McBride came second on countback, Kate Overend won the gross with 87 gross and Hilary Cran came third with 75 strokes.

The class winners were:

Class 1, 1st Yvonne MacGovern, 77,  2nd Heather Burgess, 77,  3rd Suzie Walker, 78
Class 2, 1st Mandy Hollwey, 78, 2nd Aideen McMahon, 78, 3rd Teresa Phelan, 79
Class 3, 1st Thelma Henry O’Connor, 79, 2nd Rosemary Gibbons, 82, 3rd Jane Cremin, 82

9 Hole competition winners were:

1st Fiona Darling, 20 points, 2nd Deidi Craig, 19 points 3rd Margaret Nevin, 19 pts from Mary Preece Taylor.

Gertrude Jordan won the front 9 and Gloria Kershaw won the back 9, Heather Thompson had least putts . Mary Rose Assaf won the Hidden Holes for the 18 hole competition and Lorna Fry won the 9 hole Hidden Holes competition with Caroline Cleary in second.

Presentation of Captain’s Prize

Stream on 2nd

This picture is the water ACTUALLY flowing this morning so we can now definitively call it a stream!!
On a positive note the drainage has been really effective and all the ground in the vicinity is firm, even after 31mm of rain in the last 24 hours. We may have to, in due course, do some minor alrterations/adjustments near the top of it to accomodate the heavy volumes.
Either ways, this now happily shows that it was the correct move to build the stream from not only a golfing perspective but also a practical one as well.