Introduction of Competition Purse for ladies

The men’s section has been using the ‘purse’ system for paying for competitions successfully since the beginning of the year. This has now been introduced or Ladies Competitions, which start on the week commencing 8th June. This will be the only way available to ladies to pay for a competition.

The purse keeps a separate account for each member and the funds are automatically deducted from your account whenever you enter the competition on the computer in the lobby before going out to play. There will be no more searching for shekels on a Wednesday morning! The purse can be topped up either online; via the ClubV1 Members Hub app/website or the HowDoiPay website, or, if you prefer, you can also top up at the bar in the clubhouse with cash or a debit card and your ILGU card.

Every time you enter a competition on the computer, the entry fee will be displayed and deducted from your competition purse. Cash will still be required to enter Charity Days and Invitation Competitions. N.B. If for any reason the computer is offline, names must be clearly written in the old competition book (in the drawers under the mirror)- monies will be deducted manually from your competitions purse.

When your balance falls below €10 you will be alerted with a message on the computer, please top up before attempting to enter another competition so as to avoid disappointment.

Your Competition purse balance is currently: €0.00

Top-up options:

1. ClubV1 Members Hub app:
Simply login to the app, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard screen and tap the Competitions tile, then tap Top up this purse, select the amount you wish to top up by, select Payment Method and complete your payment.

2. ClubV1 Members Hub website:
Go to the following link: (alternatively
visit: and login. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard screen and click the Competitions tile, then click Top up this purse, select the amount you wish to top up by, select Payment Method and complete your payment.

3. Website:
Click this link:, enter your unique code: EH210D4-C265KYand Click FIND. Enter your surname, click Next, select the amount you wish to top up by, select Payment Method and complete your payment.

4. At the Bar in the clubhouse: (not available for time being)
Visit the bar and ask to top up your competition purse. Advise the value you wish to top up by and complete payment. You will get a paper receipt as proof of payment.

We would ask that anyone intending playing on Wednesday competitions ensures that they have credit on their card so as to be able to enter the competitions on the computer as detailed above.
As agreed at the last Ladies Annual Meeting the prize fee will increase to €5 per 18 hole Summer Competition. This brings us in to line with the men, and a commensurate review of prize structures will be advised shortly.

To login to the ClubV1 Members Hub app/website, use the same username/password that you login with on HowDidiDo. If you have not yet registered on HowDidiDo, please click the following link and register:

If you have any questions, or require any assistance with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. There will be committee members who have already tried the system available over the next few Wednesdays to answer your questions too.